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Date & Participants Main Topics & Presentations
51 15-JUL-2008

Status of Collimation System and Commissioning Plans without and with Beam [Ralph Assmann]; Results from Collimator Remote Commissioning [Stefano Redaelli]

50 08-JUL-2008

LHCb Dipole Tests [Rolf Lindner], Warm Magnets in Point 3 [MassimoGiovannozzi], BLM Data Rates [Bernd Dehning], LHC Schedule and Operations Activities [Roger Bailey]

49 24-JUN-2008 Injection of First Beam [Mike Lamont], Sector 56 [Gianluigi Arduini]
48 17-JUN-2008 TOTEM Roman Pot Operation at the LHC [Ernst Radermacher], Sector 56 - Preliminary Plan for Tests [Gianluigi Arduini]
47 10-JUN-2008 MPS Commissioning [Jorg Wenninger]
46  03-JUN-2008 LHC Status [Roger Bailey], Integration Tests Continued (Plans for Next Dry Runs - GPC++) [Mike Lamont], LHC Machine Checkout and Beam Instrumentation [Jean-Jacques Gras], Status of Procedures [Roger Bailey]
45 06-MAY-2008 Dry Runs [Mike Lamont], Demo of Vacuum Displays & PVSS Tools [Isabelle Laugier], Non-Conformities and Their Consequences [Massimo Giovannozzi]
44 22-APR-2008 Follow-Up on FiDeL Settings in LSA (updated status on web site & FiDel Work Plan) [Mike Lamont], Follow-Up on Collimator Issues [Ralph Assmann], 5 TeV Stage-A Parameter List [Massimo Giovannozzi], Preparation for the Cold Check-Out - Status [Gianluigi Arduini], Dry Runs - postponed [Mike Lamont]
43 08-APR-2008

Overview of LHC Strategy in 2008/9 [Roger Bailey],  Beam Parameters for 5 TeV Operation in 2008 [Massimo Giovannozzi], 5 TeV Settings [Mike Lamont],  Implications of 5 TeV Operation: Collimators, Experimental Magnets, Other (discussion)

42 11-MAR-2008

How Do We Have to Ramp the LHCb Spectrometer Magnet? [Werner Herr, Malika Meddahi, Yannis Papaphilippou], Bunch Numbering [Philippe Baudrenghien], Beam Bunch Distribution [Mike Lamont], LHC Machine Check Out and Beam Instrumentation [Jean-Jacques Gras]

41 26-FEB-2008

Summary of Sector 45 Operational Tests [Reyes Alemany], Outcome LBDS Dry Run [Verena Kain]

40 12-FEB-2008 Bunch Filling Schemes: Experiments Desiderata [Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi], Bunch Filling Schemes for Early Running Scenarios [Werner Herr], LBDS Dry Runs [Verena Kain], Plan for Ramp&Squeeze etc. Tests in Sector 45  [Mike Lamont]
39 29-JAN-2008 Dry Run Schedule [Mike Lamont], Update on Tolerances [Massimo Giovannozzi], Interlock Logics for LHC Injection: Intensity Limitations [Jorg Wenninger]
38 15-JAN-2008 Experimental Dipoles and Compensators at Injection [Massimo Giovannozzi], Access System Tests [Magali Gruwe]; Status of Procedures & Activities in 2008 [Roger Bailey]
37 18-DEC-2007 Results, Problems and Lessons Learned from: - TT40/60 Extraction Beam Tests [Brennan Goddard], - Transfer Line Beam Tests [Jan Uythoven]. Results of the LHC injection dry-run [Mike Lamont]
36 04-DEC-2007

Experimental Magnets Commissioning [Helmut Burkhardt], Beam Commissioning with Experimental Magnets - Procedure [Delphine Jacquet], More Robust SPS Filling Scheme [Magali Gruwe], LHC Transverse Damper Beam Commissioning [Wolfgang Hofle], LHC Modes [Reyes Alemany]

35 20-NOV-2007 Aperture Meeting: Status of Design and As-Built Ring Aperture Model [Stefano Redaelli]; Transfer Line Aperture Model [Brennan Goddard]; Possible Implementation in LSA [Mike Lamont];  The Aperture in the LHC Online Model [Frank Schmidt]
34 06-NOV-2007 LSA Meeting: LSA overview [Grzegorz Kruk]; LSA core [Wojciech Sliwinski]; LSA database [Chris Roderick]; LSA deployment for LHC [Mike Lamont]
33 23-OCT-2007 LTC Open Actions October 2007 [Roger Bailey]; Bad BPMs [Ralph Steinhagen], Combined Ramp & Squeeze [Mike Lamont], Momentum Aperture of the Dump System [Jan Uythoven], Procedures for Detecting Vacuum Leaks [Frank Zimmermann], Beta* Tuning for Ions [John Jowett]
32 09-OCT-2007 New LHC Schedule [Roger Bailey]; Interleaved Filling Possibilities [Verena Kain]; Pros and Cons - Interleaving the Filling of the LHC [Stephane Fartoukh]
31 25-SEP-2007 MPS Commissioning - Report from MPSC Sub Working Group [Jan Uythoven]
30 11-SEP-2007 Cycling Meeting: Precycle Proposals [Rob Wolf]; Expected Reproducibility including Recent Measurements [Luca Bottura]; Requirements on Run-to-Run Reproducibility [Massimo Giovannozzi]
29 28-AUG-2007 Latest News on the LHC Schedule [Roger Bailey]; Round the Table on the Status of the Beam Commissioning Procedures, LHCCWG meetings and Topics for Q4 2007 [Roger Bailey]
28 19-JUN-2007 Beam Instrumentation Readiness [Jean-Jacques Gras], Machine Protection System Commissioning Plans [Jan Uythoven, 21st LHC MAC]
27 05-JUN-2007 Parameters and Tolerances (revised - pdf) [Massimo Giovannozzi], RF Commissioning with Beam [Philippe Baudrenghien]
26 22-MAY-2007 Status [Roger Bailey],  Experimental Conditions and Background in Commissioning and Operation [Helmut Burkhardt], Cryogenics ... as seen by "Beam Handlers" [Gianluigi Arduini] 
25 08-MAY-2007 MAD-X Online Model [Frank Schmidt], Two-Beam Operation [Ralph Assmann], Commissioning of Accelerator System - Magnets [Walter Venturini Delsolaro], AC Dipole Interlocking [Jan Uythoven] 
24 24-APR-2007 Commissioning of Accelerator System - BLM [Laurette Ponce], RadMon - Radiation Monitoring System for the LHC Machine and Experimental Caverns [Thijs Wijnands]
23 10-APR-2007 Beam Excitation: 1. Using the AC Dipole [Javier Serrano], 2. AC Dipole as Multi-Purpose Instrument [Rogelio Tomas and Stephane Fartoukh], 3. Aperture Kickers [Frank Schmidt], Commissioning of Accelerator System - Vacuum [Frank Zimmermann]
22 27-MAR-2007

LTC Presentations [Roger Bailey], Optics Measurements needed at Top Energy [Frank Zimmermann], Collisions at Top Energy, Luminosity Determination and Optimisation [Helmut Burkhardt], BLMs, Radmons, BSCs and BCMs for Steering the Beams in Collision during the Engineering Run at 450 GeV [Thijs Wijnands]

21 28-FEB-2007 Magnetic Model: 1. FiDeL [Luca Bottura], 2. WISE [Ezio Todesco], 3. LSA [Marek Strzelczyk], Behaviour of the Magnets through the Squeeze [Walter Venturini], Documentation and Procedures: Squeeze [Stefano Redaelli]
20 14-FEB-2007 Alternative Filling Schemes [Werner Herr], Implications for the Injectors [Elias Metral], Standard LHC Injection Scenario [Mike Lamont], Documentation and Procedures: Phase A1 [Magali Gruwe]
19 31-JAN-2007 Summary of 2006 Work and Outline for 2007 [Roger Bailey],   Beam measurements at 450 GeV: (1) Summary of Parameter Tolerances [Frank Zimmermann],  (2) Proposed Beam Measurement Program in 2007 [Frank Zimmermann], (3) What to Do If We Cannot Get in Tolerance [Frank Zimmermann, and All]
18 29-NOV-2006 Squeeze Optics and Power Converter Settings [Massimo Giovannozzi], Squeeze Strategy for Collimators [Ralph Assmann], Squeeze Mechanics and Demo [Mike Lamont]
17 15-NOV-2006 Energy Tracking between Sectors [Freddy Bordry], LHC Power Converter Tolerances Including Warm Magnets [Freddy Bordry], Measurement and Correction of Tracking Errors [Jorg Wenninger]
16 01-NOV-2006 The LHC Timing System Operational Perspective [Mike Lamont], Programmed Dumps Including Inject and Dump Implementation [Brennan Goddard]
15 18-OCT-2006 LHC Databases [Mike Lamont], Ideas on LHC As-Built Databases [Paul Collier]
14  04-OCT-2006 Magnetic Field Fill-to-Fill Reproducibility and Differences Between the Two Apertures [Luca Bottura]
13 20-SEP-2006 450 GeV Optics: IR Aperture and IR Bumps [Yannis Papaphilippou]
12 06-SEP-2006, Monitoring p-p Collision Rates at the LHC [Enrico Bravin], Bringing Beams in Collision [Helmut Burkhardt], AOB: Input for As-Built Database [Paul Collier]
11 26-JUL-2006 450 GeV Optics Mechanical Aperture and Momentum Aperture [Stefano Redaelli], Possible Commissioning Constraints from Background in LHC Experiments [Vadim Talanov]
10  12-JUL-2006 Nonlinear Field Quality Checks [Frank Zimmermann], Transfer Function for Separation Dipoles [Frank Zimmermann]
9 28-JUN-2006 News on Aperture Restrictions and LHC Schedule [Roger Bailey], LHC Schedule to End 2007 [Roger Bailey], Collisions at 450 GeV [all], A Look at 2008 [Roberto Saban, Paul Collier, Luigi Serio], Response Matrix Measurements and Analysis [Jorg Wenninger]
8  14-JUN-2006 450 GeV Optics Beta Beating, Coupling, Dispersion [Rogelio Tomas Garcia], Circumference Difference Between the 2 LHC Rings [Gianluigi Arduini]
7 31-MAY-2006 Snapback and Ramp with Single Beam [Mike Lamont]
6 17-MAY-2006 Increasing the Intensity at 450 GeV: RF Issues [Andy Butterworth], Overview of Foreseen Feedbacks and Implications for Commissioning [Ralph Steinhagen], Web Follow Up of Commissioning Procedures (draft web site) [Verena Kain, Magali Gruwe, Stefano Redaelli], Draft Note on LHC Operation with 75-ns Bunch Spacing [Roger Bailey], Schedule of Past and Future LHCCWG Meetings [Roger Bailey]
5 03-MAY-2006 450GeV Commissioning: Increasing the Beam Intensity: 1. Collimation [Ralph Assmann], 2. Machine Protection [Jan Uythoven], LHCCWG Web Follow Up [Verena Kain]
4 19-APR-2006 Statements on LHCf and 90-m TOTEM Optics [Helmut Burkhardt], Brief Discussion of LHCCWG web follow up [Roger, Magali, Stefano], Comment by Stephane on Locality of Orbit Correction (b2 Changes in MB)
3 05-APR-2006 450 GeV Initial Commissioning with Pilot Beam: A. Beam Instrumentation - BPM, BLM, BCT, Transverse Diagnostics [Rhodri Jones], B. Beam Dump (& Chamonix'06 Talk) [Brennan Goddard], C. Measurement Program [Frank Zimmermann]
2 22-MAR-2006 Participants, Data Stored During the TI8 Tests and the Sector Test [Mike Lamont], Workshop on TAN Integration [Helmut Burkhardt], Circulating Beam and RF Capture [Gianluigi Arduini, Andy Butterworth], Pros and Cons of 75-ns Operation [Gianluigi Arduini, Frank Zimmermann]
1 08-MAR-2006 Starting Point [Roger Bailey], Sector Test Plans for Transfer, Injection and First Turn [Mike Lamont]