General layout:

CS: Crossing Section

DS: Dispersion Suppression region

IP: Interaction Point

IR: Insertion Region

JR: Junction Region

LSS: Long Straight Section

LTI: LHC Transfer and Injection

MS: Matching Section

SPSS: Special Short Straight Section

SSS: Short Straight Section

TL: Transfer Line


BCT: Beam Current Transformer

BCTDC: DC Beam Current Transformer

BCTFR: Fast Beam Current Transformer

BG: Gas Monitor

BGI: Ionization Profile Monitor

BGL: Luminescence Profile Monitor

BLM: Beam Loss Monitor

BLMA: Beam Loss Monitor, Ionization Chambers

BLMB: Beam Loss Monitor, ACEM's on collimators

BOB: Beam Synchronous Timing System

BOC: Control Software for Beam Instrumentation

BPM: Beam Position Monitor

BQ: Tune, chromaticity and coupling measurement

BQS: Schottky Monitor

BRA: Beam RAte Monitors

BRAN: Beam RAte Neutrals (TAN type luminosity monitor)

BRAS: Beam RAte Secondaries (TAS type luminosity monitor)

BSR: Synchrotron Radiation Observation System

BSRA: Abort Gap Monitor

BSRT: Longitudinal Synchrotron Light Monitor

BSRT: Transverse Synchrotron Light Monitor

BTV: Beam Observation TV Monitors based on Screens

BWS: Wire Scanner Profile Monitor

DAB: Data Acquisition Board

FBCT: Fast Beam Current Monitor (=BCTFR)

FMCM: Fast Magnet Current Changing Monitor

DCCT: DC Current Transformer (=BCTDC)

IPM: Ionization Profile Measurement

LIDS: LHC Instrument and Diagnostic Software

LPM: Longitudinal Profile Measurement

TPM: Transverse Profile Measurement

SEM: Secondary Emission Monitor

WS: Wire Scanner



TAN: Target Absorber Neutral

TAS: Target Absorber Secondaries

TC...: Target Collimator

TCD...: Target Collimator Dump

TCDD: Collimator for D1 protection

TCDI: Target Collimator Dump Injection transfer line: Transfer line collimator

TCDQ: Target Collimator Dump Quadruple (Diluter): Collimator for Q4 protection

TCDS: Target Collimator Dump Septum (Diluter): Collimator for MSD protection

TCHS: Target Collimator Halo Scraper

TCL...: Target Collimator Long

TCLA: Target Collimator Long Absorber

TCLI: Target Collimator Long Injection protection

TCLP: Target Collimator Long Physics debris

TCP: Target Collimator Primary: Primary collimator for cleaning

TCS: Target Collimator Secondary: Secondary collimator for cleaning

TCSG: Target Collimator Secondary Graphite:

TCSM: Target Collimator Secondary Metallic

TCT: Target Collimator Tertiary: Tertiary collimator

TCTH: TCT Horizontal

TCTV: TCT Vertical


BCD: Beam Coordination Diagram

BP: Basic Period

BST: Beam Synchronous Timing

CBCM: Central Beam and Cycle Manager

CCM: Common Console Manager

CT: Controls and Timing

CTG: Controls Timing Generator

CTIM: Central Timing

CTR: Timing Receivers

GMT: General Machine Timing

MTG: Master Timing Generator

PLL: Phase Locked Loops

PPS: Pulse Per Second

SC: Super Cycle

TTC: Timing, Trigger and Control

UTC: Coordinated Universal Time


AC: Accelerating Cavities

ACN: Normal Conducting Cavity 200 MHz

ACS: Accelerating Superconducting Cavity 400 MHz

AD: Damper

ADL: Longitudinal Damper

ADT: Transverse Damper

ADTH: Transverse Damper (Horizontal)

ADTV: Transverse Damper (Vertical)

APW: Longitudianl Pickup station

APWL: Bunch parameters

APWP: Phase loop

APWS: Beam structure

RF: Radio-frequency



AEM: Accelerator Equipment Monitor

BIC: Beam Interlock Controller (=CIB)

BII: Beam Intensity Interlock

BIS: Beam Interlock System

BPC: Beam Permit Controller

BPF: Beam Permit Flag    or Beam Presence Flag??

BPL: Beam Permit Loop

CI: Interlocks

CIB: Beam Interlock Controller System

CIF: Fast Magnet Current Change Monitor

CIP: Powering Interlock Controller System

CIW: Warm Magnet Interlock Controller System

ISIC: Individual Software Interlock Channel

LSIC: Logical Software Interlock Channel

PIC: Powering Interlock Control (=CIP)

PPC: Power Permit Controller

SBF: Safe Beam Flag

SIS: Software Interlock System

SSIS: SPS Software Interlock System

WIC: Warm Magnet Interlock Control (=CIW)

Machine protection:

BEM: Beam Energy Meter

BET: Beam Energy Tracking System

BDS: Beam Dumping System

DQ: Quench Protection System (=QPS?)

LBDS: LHC Beam Dumping System

MCS: Management of Critical Settings

MPS: Machine Protection System

QPS: Quench Protection System

SB: Safe Beam

SLP: Safe LHC Parameters

TD...: Target Dump

TDE: Dump for Ejected Beam (External)

TDI: Beam Absorber for Injection (Internal)

TED: Beam Absorber for Injection (External)


COD: Correction Dipoles

MB: Main Dipole Coldmass

MBAW: Alice Spectrometer

MBLW: LHC-b Spectrometer

MBWMD: Single Aperture Warm Dipole Module Compensating ALICE spectrometer

MBXW: Single Aperture Warm Dipole Module D1 in IR1 and IR5

MBXWH: Single Apterure Warm Horizontal Dipole Module Compensating LHCb spectrometer

MBXWT Single Aperture Warm Compensator for ALICE

MCB: Arc orbit corrector magnets (at each QF and QD)

MCBH: Arc horizontal orbit corrector magnets

MCBV: Arc vertical orbit corrector magnets

MCBX: Inner Triplet nested Horizontal and Vertical Dipole Orbit Corrector

MCD: Decapole Corrector (spool piece corrector) in MCDO

MCDO: Nested Decapole-Octupole Corrector

MCI: Injection Line Orbit Corrector

MCO: Octupole Corrector (spool piece corrector)

MCS: Sextupole Corrector (spool piece corrector)

MCSOX: Nested skew sextupole, octupole, skew octupole corrector package

MKA: Tune Kicker

MKB: Diluter Dump Kicker

MKD: Ejection Dump Kicker (Fast Pulsed Extraction Magnets)

MKE: Extraction Kicker Magnet

MKI: Injection Kicker Magnet

MKQ: Kicker for Q and Aperture Measurement

MKQA: LHC Tune and Aperture Measurement

MO: Octupole Lattice Corrector in Arc Short Straight Section: Landau damping

MOD: Defocusing lattice octupole

MOF: Focusing lattice octupole

MQ: Lattice Quadrupole

MQI: Injection Line Quadrupole

MQM: Insertion Region Quadrupole

MQS: Skew Quadrupole Lattice Corrector in Arc Short Straight Section

MQT: Tuning Quadrupole Corrector in Arc Short Straight Section

MQTF: Focusing Tune Quadrupole

MQTV: Defocusing Tune Quadrupole

MQWA: Twin Aperture Warm Quadrupole Module in IR3 and IR7; asymmetrical FD or DF

MQWB: Twin Aperture Warm Quadrupole Module in IR3 and IR7; symmetrical FF or DD

MQXA: Single Aperture Triplet Quadrupole (Q1, Q3)

MQXB: Single Aperture Triplet Quadrupole (Q2)

MQY: Insertion Region Wide Aperture Quadrupole

MS..: Arc Sextupole Lattice Corrector: chromaticity sextupoles (at each QF and QD)

MSCB: Sextupole-Dipole Corrector: assembly of MS and MCB

MSD: Ejection Dump Septum

MSE: Extraction Septum Magnet

MSI: Injection Septum Magnet

MSS: Arc Skew Sextupole Corrector

PC: Power Converters

PELP: Parabolic-Exponential-Linear-Parabolic command

QD: Lattice Defocusing Quadrupole

QF: Lattice Focusing Quadrupole


Post Mortem:

GMPMA: Global Magnet Post-Mortem Analysis

GSA: Global System Analysis

IPOC: Internal Post-Operation Checks

FaDu: False Dump

ISA: Independent System Analysis

LSA: Logical System Analysis

MaDa: Magnet Damage

PM: Post Mortem

SDA: Sequence Data Acquisition

XPOC: External Post-Operation Checks



QRL: Cryogenic Line

WRL: Warm Recovery Line



BBC: Beam Beam Compensator

BBQ: Base Band Tune

BCM: Beam Conditions Monitor

BPCE: Bumped Beam Position at Extraction

CCC: Common Control Center

DA: Dynamical Aperture

DIP: Data Interchange Protocol

FiDeL: Field Description of LHC

LACS: LHC Access Control System

LASS: LHC Access Safety System

LSA: LHC Software Applications

MA: Mechanical Aperture

MAD: Methodical Accelerator Design

MEB: Magnet Evaluation Board

MOPOS: SPS Orbit System

MTE: Multi Turn Extraction

PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PPM: Pulse to Pulse Modulation

RBAC: Role Based Access Control

SDDS: Self Describing Data Sets

SIL: Safety Integrity Level

SMPV: Safe Machine Parameter Verifier

UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply

VELO: Vertex Locator

WISE: Window Interface for Simulating Errors

YASP: Steering Program